Mount Batur Bali Monkey Indonesia

Hello I’m Ryan, a software enthusiast and adventure seeker.  I enjoy scuba diving, trying to surf, photography, healthy eating, mountain trekking, and almost anything that provides an adrenaline rush. 

I spent several years traveling in the USA as a healthcare software consultant, and that’s when I got comfortable living out of a suitcase every week.  After several years of working in the rat race, I became increasingly bored and unfulfilled, so I put my career on hold to travel in Southeast Asia.  When I’m not in a plane or train, I call Austin, Texas, USA my home.


Purpose of Ryan’s Trek

I initially started this website as a place to share pictures to avoid overwhelming my friends on Facebook with a constant feed of pictures of mountains and beaches.  I started my first blog post in April 2016 when I began my epic year-long trip to Southeast Asia.  It quickly turned into a hobby and a way to share fun experiences, opinions, mistakes, and advice with family, friends, and anyone else.


My Travel Style

My travel style is to travel solo and to stay in a location for several days/weeks and get a sense of what it’s like to live there.

Solo travel  has many advantages.  You have more freedom to do whatever you want and go whenever you please.  You tend to be more social and make friends easier with locals and other travelers.

By staying in locations for several days or weeks I get to experience cultural emersion and I can gain new life-enriching experiences and a unique perspective.  The downside of staying in locations for longer than a couple days is not seeing every interesting place in a country; I have to prioritize and skip some places.  To me it’s worth it to spend more time in fewer places than spending less time in many places.  What is your travel style?



Before my trip to Southeast Asia, I had so much fun taking trips to Mexico, Europe, Jamaica, and South America.  But these trips were only one or two weeks long and I wanted something longer.  After returning from my last trip to South America, post-vacation blues set in and so I started planning a longer trip… this time it would be for an entire year.

I hope the stories and pictures in my blog posts are entertaining, helpful, and can be an inspiration to you.  Also, I hope that you, too, will travel abroad long-term and experience the same thrill that I have.  It’s definitely worth the time and effort to plan a long trip, and it costs much less than you might think.  I especially want to inspire Americans because in general we are not good global travelers compared to our Western counterparts.